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Rajasthan Indian Jewellery

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The traditional jewellery community of Rajasthan is the Soni Community.

They use both inorganic and organic types of materials to create vibrant, colourful and amazingly beautiful jewellery. Usually made from silver.

Pure silver is found in large quantities in the area. They engrave all of their jewellery and adorn them with varying kinds of adornments.


Tribal Mix

The city of Fez Morroco’s third largest city was founded in the 8th century, it is now home to over a million people. Behind the walls of the Grand Medina.

There are three ancient tanneries, the oldest being the Chovara tannery, which is almost a thousand years old. The leather work from Fez is famous for its softness. The dyes that are used for colouring the leather are all natural dyes.

Dyes such as Poppy Flower, Red, Indigo, Blue, Henna Orange, Cedar Wood Brown, Mint Green and Saffron Yellow. The leather is dried naturally outside in the sun.

The leather is in high demand by the European fashion houses, such as Gucci, Armani, Gautier, Tom Ford, Dolche Gabanna and Ralph Lauren.

Tuareg Tribal Jewellery

Tribal Mix
Tribal Mix

The Tuareg Tribe from the Sahara Desert, also known as the “blue people” because of their indigo-dye coloured clothes which they traditionally wear and also stains their skin.

They are also a nomad tribe renowned for their handcrafted silver jewellery which is first smelted and crafted with small chisels. After it is worked into the desired design it is then engraved and polished. This process can take up to ten hours for a single piece of jewellery.

The Silver used by the Tuareg Tribes is a mix of copper and silver 25%/75% The silver is recycled from old Silver Coins and smelted and used for the creation of new products. The traditional method of cleaning these creations is by rubbing ash or charcoal onto the product and the immersing in either lemon or lime juice from the groves in the Oasis.

Fashion Designers such as Armani, Jean Paul Gautier, Yves St Laurent feature Tuareg jewellery in their Fashion Shows. Models such as Naomi Cambell, Kate Moss, Giselle are all admirers of Tuareg craftwork and can often be seen wearing their jewellery.

It is documented that the Tuareg were regular visitors to Ireland in the 18th century. Known as Fir Gorm, Blue People, they introduced their craft calligraphy and scriptures to the settlements which had an influence on Irish Celtic Art and scriptures.

Berber Jewellery

Tribal Mix Berber
Tribal Mix Berber
Tribal Mix Berber

The Traditional assemblage of necklaces made in the Southern Oasis Valleys is striking and exquisite.

Featuring Talismans of Silver, Coral, Amber and Ebony Beads. Berber jewellery is always made of silver and serves a much wider purpose than simple adornment.

It can identify clans and symbolises wealth reflecting cultural traditions and acting as a source of supernatural power to protect the wearer.

Tribal Mix