Tuareg Tribe motif pendant - Tribal Mix

Tuareg Tribe motif pendant

Tuareg Tribe motif pendant


Tuareg Tribe motif pendant with a raised ebony centre, etched and inscribed.
A 725 Silver Product
Height 5.5cm

Length 5cm

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Tuareg Tribal Jewellery

Tribal Mix

The Tuareg Tribe from the Sahara Desert also known as the “blue people” because of their indigo-dye coloured clothes they traditionally wear and which stains their skin.

They are a nomad tribe renowned for their handcrafted silver jewellery which is first smelted and crafted with small chisels. After it is worked into the desired design it is then engraved and polished. This process can take up to ten hours for a single piece of jewellery.

Fashion Designers such as Armani, Jean Paul Gautier, Yves St Laurent feature Tuareg jewellery in their Fashion Shows. Models such as Naomi Cambell, Kate Moss, Giselle are all admirers of Tuareg craftwork and can often be seen wearing their jewellery.

It is documented that the Tuareg were regular visitors to Ireland in the 18th century. Known as Fir Gorm, Blue People, they introduced their craft calligraphy and scriptures to the settlements which had and influence on Irish Celtic Art and scriptures.

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Weight 0.02514 g
Dimensions 5 × 5.5 cm


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