Multi Turquoise Stone Ring - Tribal Mix

Multi Turquoise Stone Ring

Multi Turquoise Stone Ring


Origin India a curved face ring with Turquoise stone arrayed in shimmering silver.
925 Silver

Diameter 1.8cm

Face Height 2.5cm

Face Width 2.5cm


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Rajasthan Indian Jewellery


The traditional jewellery community of Rajasthan is the Soni Community.

They use both inorganic and organic types of materials to create vibrant, colourful

and amazingly beautiful jewellery. Usually made from silver.

Pure silver is found in large quantities in the area. They engrave all of their

jewellery and adorn them with varying kinds of adornments.

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Weight 0.0094 g
Dimensions 1.8 × 2.5 cm


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